Eliav Gnessin

Eliav Gnessin
Attn - changed room : Room 032, Laboratories Building
Department of Electrical Engineering - Systems
The Iby and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv 69978
+972-58-930066 (voice)
+972-3-6204461 (home)

 [Jan. 1, 2003] I'm currently in a leave of absence until further notice. I'm working for Ness Technologies Inc.
 [Nov. 16, 2002] The Goldschmidt algorithm project page is available here.
 [Oct. 21, 2002] The alternate final exam (Moed B) in assembler will take place on Dec. 13, 2002.
 [Oct. 19, 2002] The solution for the final exam in assembler is available at the course web-site (below). A quick link is available here [Hebrew PDF].
 [Oct. 19, 2002] Grades for assembler/summer semester were posted. Check with the MTA secretary.

 I'm currently doing research at the Computer Architecture Laboratory.
 My research interests are in the areas of Networking and Computer Architecture.
 My current work is about Compression in Embedded Processors.
 My instructor is Prof. Shlomo Weiss.

 I taught 121113 Computer Organization and the 8086 Assembly Language at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo in the spring and summer semesters, 2002.
 The course homepage is available here.
 My visiting hours are: Thu. 16:45-17:30. at the MTA (4 Antokolsky st., Tel-Aviv), room 204.

 I'm currently the Chief Technical Officer, Business Solutions Group in Ness Technologies Inc.
 I'm a founding employee of New-X Systems Ltd., that was acquired by IPEX and later acquired by Ness Technologies Inc.
 I'm a co-founder of LS Inc. (together with Prof. Udi Shapiro).

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